Saturday, August 08, 2015

GOP Women? You Built This

Now that the Donald has insulted Megyn Kelly of Fox News, the women of the GOP are finally getting a little miffed at his misogyny. They've ignored it for years. Trumpelstiltskin has said a gazillion terrible things about women. They didn't care when it was Rosie O'Donnell. They didn't care when it was NY Times writer Gail Collins. They didn't care LAST MONTH when he referred to a lawyer who needed to pump breast milk for her baby as "disgusting." 

The doughty women of the GOP happily turned ignored all of it until he insulted a Fox News "reporter." After all, the Fox news audience is the GOP voter bloc. Angry old white guys. 

All of a sudden the women of the NH GOP are outraged, as we see in this story in the Boston Globe .

In New Hampshire, home to the nation’s earliest presidential primary, the state’s leading Republican women called Trump’s comments improper, “I don’t think women in New Hampshire will appreciate them,” said US Senator Kelly Ayotte.
“Megyn Kelly is an intelligent, educated, successful professional woman, and Donald Trump’s comments were out of line and unacceptable,” said the New Hampshire Republican Party’s chairwoman, Jennifer Horn. “There is a big difference between not being politically correct and being disrespectful, and [Thursday] night Donald Trump was being disrespectful to women.”
One More 
Fran Wendelboe, a longtime New Hampshire Republican official who has had regular contact with Trump’s operation for years, predicted his comments about women will hurt his campaign and hurt the GOP. 
“He is saying these things at a time when the Republican Party has an opportunity to reach out to women in 2016,” Wendelboe said. 
“There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to turn people off,” she said. “But then again, I thought that about his comment that McCain not being a war hero, and I was wrong.”
Jennifer Horn NH GOP Chair, has ignored all manner of sexist commentary from NH GOP men. She didn't say boo about Rep. Peter Hansen of Amherst referring to women as "vaginas" back in 2013. When NH GOP Executive Director Matt Mowers tweeted out insulting remarks about Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Mrs. Horn was silent. She had nothing to say about sexist emails sent out on the NH House list serve by Jordan Ulery and Gary Hopper. Not a peep out of Mrs. Horn when State Rep. Will Infantine announced on the House floor that "men are more motivated" workers than women. Horn remained silent when Rep. Gary Hopper blamed working women for breaking up families.
As for Fran Wendelboe - step into the wayback machine, and travel with me all the way to .....last month:
With Donald Trump’s entry into the race, he is the new golden boy, as a straight talker unafraid to be boxed in by political correctness. 
Only last month, the Donald was a straight talker and a golden boy. How quickly that changed, eh, Fran??
Both Horn and Wendelboe have turned a blind eye to the misogynist men of the GOP insulting women for years. Now, suddenly they're clutching their pearls because he insulted Megyn Kelly. Their hypocrisy is nauseating. 
As for the pearl clutching, I have no sympathy. Not an iota. You let this happen, women of the GOP. You turned a blind eye - and now you're paying for it. You built this. 

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