Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jordan Ulery: 11 Years of Taking Orders From Special Interests

NH State Rep. Jordan Ulery, being interviewed at his 11th ALEC Conference shows why he shouldn't be anywhere near a state budget:

There's no thought for the future, no interest in planning ahead, only an interest in not spending any money. That's their idea of success. This is why NH, the 7th wealthiest state in the nation has the 11th worst infrastructure. 

That Ulery brings the model legislation written by pHARMA, Exxon Mobile, the NRA, or the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation  back to NH and tries to pass them off as something created here at home is shameful. 

Eleven years of taking marching orders from special interests! Bravo, Representative Ulery! 


Artemisia said...

Is that one of Snow White's dwarves?? HUDSON and PELHAM, you have a lot of explaining to do. A great many of you must be staying home on election day.

susanthe said...

Allan Jones - Your dull witted ad hominem comments won't be published. Try staying on topic.

susanthe said...

If you work very, very hard, Alan, perhaps one day you'll be promoted to 4th grade.

Chaz Proulx said...

How wonderful for Rep. Ulery to be so smart AND good looking at the same time.

The good folks in Pelham and Hudson -- like good folks in many NH towns have no clue what ALEC does.

But the saddest fact is that even if they were educated about ALEC they would continue to vote for Jordan Ulery.

Brainwashed by the right wingers who fund ALEC.