Thursday, December 10, 2015

Susan DeLemus: I've Never Been Involved in Politics

CNN aired a segment today where they spoke with some NH Trump supporters. 

This woman has a bit of a meltdown about the president - he gets on her teevee and LIES! She's never been involved in politics! 

Never involved,  except when Ted Cruz named DeLemus and her husband to his NH leadership team back in May. Did she ditch Ted for Trump? Did they break up? 


This woman is NH State Representative Susan DeLemus. She's serving her second (nonconsecutive) term in the NH House. 

Representative DeLemus distinguished herself during her first term, by causing a scene at a ballot hearing. DeLemus is a birther, and not afraid to say so. 

It was also reported on in The Atlantic.  

Susan DeLemus isn't the only infamous member of her family. Husband Jerry DeLemus was head of security at Cliven (welfare moocher) Bundy's Ranch debacle. In fact, it was Jerry who sent spree killers Jerad and Amanda Miller on their way. Refused admission to Bundyville, they went to Las Vegas and killed 2 cops and a bystander. Here's Jerry trying to weasel out of any responsibility

Here's Jerry, complaining about Scott Brown "trompling" on the Constitution. It seems former US Senator Scott Brown is a trompler.  This calm, level-headed individual was running for Sheriff in Strafford County. He's an Oath Keeper, a 9/12'er, a Tea Partier, and a proponent of the Constitutional Sheriff's movement. 

Back in June, Jerry announced that he wanted to hold a "Draw Mohammed" contest, as reported here by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

CNN should be embarrassed. Even the most cursory google search would have turned up most of this. Now they're being mocked - and deservedly so. 

[Note: she may have been trying to say The Donald has never been involved in politics, she's so incoherent, it's hard to know. One thing is for sure, either way she meant it - she's lying!]

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sean gallagher said...

are you the insane low life poorly educated moron that was on CNN ...My god all you said was that you have been lied too ,but not by Trump ;;First prove your allegations ,Because trump doesn't lie ,he just makes grandiose statements that he has zero intention of ever living up too....