Sunday, December 20, 2015

Conservative Crybaby vs. First Amendment

This is Alexandria Knox. She recently ran for Alderman in Manchester, NH. She didn't do too well. 

As you can see, she was ousted in the September 15 primary. Forty-four people chose to leave the space blank rather than vote for her. And they didn't even know that in another age she would have been throwing books on a fire. 

Now she's running for state representative in District 10. 

Miss Knox claims to be a person of strong conservative values, who champions the Live Free or Die ethic of our state. Yet twice she's had me banned from Facebook for challenging her. One assumes she, like others of the libertea persuasion, worships at the altar of the US Constitution. 

Except for that pesky first amendment. 

One wonders how this magnolia blossom will handle the world of politics if she should ever get elected to public office. I've seen the things that go out over the all reps listserv. Miss Knox would spend the entire session on her fainting couch with the vapors. Live free or die, unless you make poor little Alexandria uncomfortable. 

Here's the comment that Miss Knox complained about today. 

This was a chance for her to explain to me why she had me banned the first time. Like a big girl might do. She could have said, "I don't like your tone, I don't like it when you respond to me, I don't have to explain myself to you" - or just about anything, really. Instead, she behaved like a frightened child. This frightened child thinks she has the strength and integrity to represent a district in the NH House? 

Here's the thing - I don't think anyone should get banned unless they harass or threaten a person. My daughter, for example, is seriously being harassed by a subhuman from Rockland, Maine, but to lodge a complaint on FB one has to make it from a computer, not a tablet or a phone. 

I've never threatened Miss Knox. I've challenged her twice. Rather than respond (like an adult might do)  she tattles.  It's clear that telling Daddy gives her a sense of power, and she's undoubtedly getting high fives from her fellow Constitution worshipping compatriots for showing "that commie bitch" who is boss. Knox's tattletaling is emblematic of her character.  She's someone who will rather run away than face a challenge. She's a coward. 

The screengrabs will make great campaign lit to hand out as I help campaign against her in Ward 10 next year. 

UPDATE: Less than an hour ago, Knox tweeted this out: 

Sadly, she thinks she's achieved some sort of stardom. If her goal was to reveal that she lacks the courage and strength to represent a NH House district, than she has succeeded. 

She came by my blog not long ago to leave a comment - full of sanctimonious blather.

And what did she do when questioned?

She deleted and ran. Unable to stand by her comments, unable to handle a question. 

A regular pillar of jello, our Miss Knox. 

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Artemisia said...

That's very interesting. The "nanny state" comes in handy. Living the libertea lifestyle requires some serious chutzpah, and not everyone is up to it.