Friday, January 01, 2016


This is a comment (since deleted) by NH State Representative Josh Moore, a Republican from Merrimack. Here's the story.  
Here's his website. He's a big family values, Constitution, and GOD guy. 

One wonders - would Josh Moore feel compelled to grab ANYTHING that was public? Your lunch? Your wallet?

Obviously women have even less value than objects to Josh. 

Moore is currently on the payroll of Ted Cruz for President, in this capacity:

Representative Josh Moore: Representative Moore lives in Merrimack and was elected as freshman State Representative in 2014. Moore serves on the House Education Committee and has been active in the state’s conservative movement for three years.  Moore will serve as a Field Director and as the Faith-Based Outreach Director.

That's right. Young Josh is in charge of "faith based outreach." 

WNWJG - Whose Nipple Would Jesus Grab? 

edited to add:

Rep. Moore is sponsoring 11 bills (thus far) in the 2016 legislature. Over half of them are related to controlling women's bodies.

HB 1525 - relative to the acts that constitute indecent exposure and lewdness

HB 1560  - aimed at eliminating abortion

HB 1684- prohibits the use of public funds, employees, or facilities in performing abortions.

HB 1623 - prohibits abortion based on genetic abnormalities.

HB 1636- prohibiting abortion once an unborn child can feel pain.

HJR 3 - a resolution calling for the investigation and defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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