Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good news in NH-01

A recent Survey USA Poll
shows incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter with a definite lead over GOP candidate Jeb Bradley.

In New Hampshire's 1st, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D) led ex-Rep. Jeb Bradley (R) 50 percent to 41 percent.

NH is changing. No longer are we the one party state I moved to, twenty-five years ago. NH is becoming a blue state. In 2006, we saw the Democrats sweep NH, taking the NH House, the NH Senate, retaining the Governorship, and sending 2 Democrats to the US House. This appears not to have been a fluke. NH is changing - and the Republican Party is stuck in the past. Jeb Bradley was wrong on the war, wrong on privatizing Social Security, wrong on Real ID, wrong on civil unions, and wrong on the minimum wage. Jeb still believes that cutting taxes on the wealthy is how jobs are created. If that were the case, after the last 8 years we should be swimming in jobs - yet the opposite is the case. Jeb has shown himself to be out of touch on the issues NH residents care about.

I met Carol Shea-Porter before she decided to run for Congress. I was impressed by her intelligence, her grasp of the problems facing working families, and her ability to talk to anyone of any political persuasion. I still am impressed with those qualities, and many more. Carol displays a generosity of spirit that one doesn't often see in a politician. She understands NH, and she understands her constituents. I've felt fortunate indeed to be represented by Carol Shea-Porter, who hasn't been afraid to stand up to leadership. She voted against the odious FISA bill. She voted against the odious bailout bill - twice.

I spoke of my concerns on a variety of issues to Jeb Bradley when he was my Congressman. I never felt as though he was listening to me. I've always been sure that Carol Shea-Porter was listening.

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Ted said...

When the choice of representation is a pick between Shea-Porter and Bradley, of course she is a much better representative.

However, I'd like to know what happened with the consent of the governed. Consent implies choice and I have no choice to be governed - I am forced to be governed. Sure, democracy is much better than monarchy but it still misses point.

How can government be Just without choice? This issue is strangely absent in the political world & needs to be addressed.