Friday, October 03, 2008

You betcha we'll talk debate

As long as Palin showed up sober, she was going to be declared a winner by the listeners of hate radio and TV. The bar of expectations for her had been placed roughly at the earth's molten core, so it would have been hard for her not to meet it.

The brave new feminist GOP had made sure the format of the debate was changed, so that Palin wouldn't be "on the defensive." This is what passes for equality in the GOP, along with making sure to label every tough question aimed at Palin "sexist." I've been doing it wrong all these years! Why didn't Gloria Steinem explain to us that feminism means the boys change the rules, lower the expectations, and then protect you from the big bad media?

Essentially, Governor Palin was strapped into the comfy chair, and allowed to dictate her own terms on how the debate would proceed.

Biden was very proper and didn't put his foot in it, despite Palin's cheesy attempts at goading. Her line about the white flag of surrender was an insulting thing to say to a man whose son is going to serve in Iraq.

Palin was riding the straight talking points express. She was very confident as long as she knew the proper talking point answers. She got folksy when she didn't know the answers. She didn't answer any questions directly, and offered no substance.

She didn't make the case as to why she and McCain are different from the Bush administration.

She has no grasp of how to behave in public. The fans of hate media may find it charming that she wants to be so familiar and folksy "can I call you Joe?" but I find her behavior rather frightening.

Can't you just see her meeting with someone like Putin, smacking him on the arm and saying, "Doggone it, Vladimir - there ya go again?" She could make Bush's groping of Angela Merkel look like the epitome of stiff upper lip diplomacy.

She doesn't think she's gonna win this one, but - doggone it, you betcha she's setting herself up for a run in 2012 - without Grumpy Grampy.

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