Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That WON

In the last debate, there was a great deal of commentary about the fact that McCain didn't look Obama in the eye, or even in the face. When McGrumpy came out last night and looked at Obama as he shook his hand, I figured his handlers had engaged in enhanced interrogation techniques to get him to do better. I was wrong.

That one? That one? Really, Senator McCain?

I'd be inclined to ignore this if McCain were one of his running mate's six-pack buddies. John Sidney McCain III is not an average Joe. He's been in the US Senate for a hundred years, a place where they refer to one another as Senator So and So, or "the distinguished gentleman" from Illinois. So, either McCain forgot Obama's name, which is a problem unto itself, OR, he was saying that one with the same kind of oozing contempt racists use when they refer to minorities as "those people." I'm going with seething contempt.

Only last week, McShame was all excited by Palin's performance at her "debate" with Joe Biden:

Given all that bizarre yet enthusiastic honking coming from McCain, I was surprised to find that he didn't mention his running mate once last night in the "debate." Weasely Joe Lieberman was mentioned 3 times, but Sarah Hunnnhh! Palin didn't rate a single mention. Surely it's too soon for buyers remorse?

Finally, I hope you didn't choose "my friends" as the category in the McCain debate drinking game. Given that Senator McPain used the phrase "my friends" SEVENTEEN times in an hour and a half, you must be nursing one hell of a hangover today.

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Timothy Horrigan said...

My favorite moment of the debate was when McCain darted upstage when it was Obama's turn and seemed to be considering running backstage to take a quick pee while Obama spoke.