Saturday, November 01, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber

I finally figured out who Joe the Plumber reminds me of:


Norma said...

What the Obama team within the Strickland administration has done to the privacy of a citizen who simply asked a question is scary--far more than the hysteria over FISA, which obama flip flopped on. The Democrat Obama fund raiser in charge has now been put on "paid leave" but not for shredding his rights, but for giving Obama names from her files for fund raising. Go figure.

susanb said...

Norma, dear - you must be having an awfully slow day in Ohio. Perhaps you should be blaming McCain - seein' as how he's the one who made such a big deal of Joe who isn't really Joe or a plumber.

CraftyVeggie said...

Norma you are so adamently against the agenda of equality, peace and what is correct, that you will no doubt, find a huge amount of fodder for the next 4 and I hope and pray 8 years. Just as I did for these past 8 miserable, oppressive, Broederbunder years. "Go figure" that murder is Christian, "go figure" that removing the rights of people is Christian, "go figure" that this country was not founded on right wing Broderbunder racism but in fact on the equal rights of all people. "right wingers" are frightened now which may account for the statistics which tell us that gun sales have skyrocketed since our new President has been elected. I was right, the creed of Republicans is to live with a gun in one hand and a bible in the other. This is nothing to be proud of.