Monday, November 17, 2008

out of Joementum

Let's not forget that Joe was defeated by Democrat Ned Lamont in the Connecticut primary in 2006. Rather than accept the judgement of the CT Democrats, Joe decided to run as an "independent Democrat." Defense contractors and Republicans helped fund his campaign, which he eventually won, with the help of all those out of state interests.

Why a non-Democrat was given any kind of chairmanship is a mystery to me. As the chair of the Homeland Security Committee, Joe has done nothing. Lieberman promised to investigate Katrina, during his 2006 campaign. He has not made good on that promise. A cynic might surmise that since the GOP helped him hold his seat, in exchange, he gave up the investigation.

Lieberman should be stripped of all of the perks of seniority. If he wants to caucus with the Democrats, fine. The Senate should not cave in to his threats of caucusing with the GOP. Let the little weasel go, if he has so little integrity. No negotiating with blackmailers and hostage takers.

Kick Joe to the curb. He's a huge liability.

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CraftyVeggie said...

At the risk of being labeled anti-semetic, I have seen Mr. Lieberman over the years displace his loyalties over and over again in his political career (which I've followed since the '80's). He has not made any secret of the fact that he would work tirelessly to funnel huge amounts of funds to Israel, so much so, that at one point in time, I saw comments in the media questioning his patriotism to that country over his own. My perception of this man is that he is void of all character, turning coat when it suits perhaps his pocketbook(?) or loyalties. Why the Dems would keep on this dead wood is beyond me. He is a disgrace to the country of his birth and his party. Just another reason why Middle East extremists hate us so much. Like it or not, we channel vast fortunes of monies and military hardware to Israel. It is my perception from following his poor career over the years, that Mr. Lieberman has been most helpful in this endeavour.