Thursday, May 28, 2009

How would you feel if your marriage was up for a vote?

Careful what you wish for.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the gay marriage issue and find it unfortunate that the Governor is trying to politically tinker with it. With that said, I understand that it is a leap to take at this juncture, but I am an advocate of passing a polygamy law. One hurdle at a time though.

I enjoyed the You Tube sketch, as it reflects the absurdity of some.


THE said...

I don't see the connection between marriage equality for gay folks and polygamy.

Anonymous said...

There is no connection, per se - aside from the fact that our marriage laws are archaic and need to change in many ways. Bigotary wears many cloaks.

THE said...

And what man doesn't want a harem of subservient women?

Funny how in polygamy it's always one man with a bunch of women. I suspect if the configuration were reversed men wouldn't be nearly as enthusiastic about polygamy.