Tuesday, May 19, 2009

men at work

How is it that Rush Limbaugh can lecture ANYONE about looks, and be taken seriously? Seriously - for all of the whiny men who claim they can't understand why I talk about sexism - THIS is why. THIS is exactly why.


DissedBelief said...

Exactly right Susan. Limbaugh is disgusting, he looks and speaks like the vile and dispicable addict he is. "Chain-ee" said what we all already knew. The hatred, intolerance, judgemental and sexist representative of the Rethuglican party is no other than an obese food and drug addicted uneducated lunatic. I hope Pelosi has the ability to disregards his painful rantings.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps you are being just a tad sensitive to the “female” being made fun of here. There are thousands of examples of these so called “pundits” making disparaging remarks about other men – mostly because they don’t agree with them, so they insult them.

The bigger question for me is – why is it that you are giving Pelosi a pass on what is becoming apparently clear to everyone (even dems) – she is not being honest?


PS - officially, I think Limbaugh is a divisive tool.

susanb said...

Show me comments made by pundits about the appearance of male politicians, Strongman. Show me all the pundits talking about Mitch McConnell's weak chin, or Lindsay Grahams trout pout - I'm dying to see them - and here you are telling me that this sort of thing exists. Prove it to me, STRONGMAN.

As for your bigger question - I have one for you. Why are YOU trying to change the subject? The subject is the way men in the media attack women on their looks.