Sunday, May 31, 2009

US Physician killed by Terrorist

Dr. George Tiller was murdered by a terrorist on Sunday morning, in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Tiller was murdered in the lobby of the Reformation Lutheran Church, as he welcomed congregants into the worship service.

Dr. Tiller worked at a women's health clinic. The clinic was one of the few that provided late term abortions for women whose health (and perhaps their lives) would be compromised by giving birth.

Dr. Tiller was murdered by a TERRORIST. His murder was a HATE CRIME against women. Dr. Tiller was murdered by a TERRORIST for performing a LEGAL medical procedure.

At what point will terrorists stop having more rights than women and doctors? At what point will we take domestic terrorism at abortion clinics seriously?

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Anonymous said...

This is quite sad to hear. Murdering a doctor that performs safe abortions as opposed to black market close-hanger abortions will not solve this murderer's intention. Violence will never solve a thing.

PS - I absolutely reject the authoritarianism and injustice of thought crime laws. Murder is a crime. Motivations based on hate cannot be a crime without Orwellian Brain Police.