Wednesday, July 08, 2009

and on the seventh day....

there is finally internet service. It wasn't easy, though. The modem arrived, in a neat little package, complete with an installation CD - for PCs. I am a Mac user. So, I had to call tech support, again, to take me through a process that was oddly complicated. Way more complicated than it was through Verizon.

To summarize - I'm back online, after 7 days, and innumerable hours on the phone. This should not have been such a process, nor should it have taken anywhere near as long as it did. The tech support people were great - with the exception of the one who finally agreed I needed a new modem, and sent it to some bizarro address. Funny how my bills manage to get to my address, but the modem was sent to a street I don't live on, and a number no one ever heard of.

I'm unimpressed, FairPoint.

As for the rest of us in NH - I would like to see an investigation into why the PUC allowed the sale. I'd also like to know what the plan for the north country is when FairPoint goes under. Let's make some noise, folks.

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DissedBelief said...

We are supposed to be THE first world nation, right? Unbelievable, all other words fail me. Europe never ever had dial up - period! DSL I believe was also unheard of there. You're right Susan. We need to start pummelling our elected officials with demands as to WHO and WHAT will run business and our communications when FPoint is gone, and I'm sure they will be. I'm starting now with the e's and letters.