Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've got the internet blues

The problems seems to be worsening. My DSL connection lasts about 5 minutes now, before going out. I've called and emailed FairPoint.


DissedBelief said...

Susan, I can't help but feel this is all suspicious. I got DSL through Verizon just before (un)FairPoint took over. Since their "leadership" I noticed a sometimes slower connection, but so far have never lost it. Verizon was fantastic in setting me up initially with unbelievable customer service. What a different place we're in now. My one call to Fairpoint was met with a really rude woman who clearly was frustrated and came across very UN-customer service. I'm looking for alternative internet and landline connections. Stay in touch with us, all best

Anonymous said...

My field is telecommunications in Maine. I am responsible for several millions of dollars of equipment.

Fairpoint service provides us with at least the same level of service I could expect from a $19.95 cent cd player bought at a Wal-Mart discount bin, on a good day.
The employees are excellent, the management and the billing are beyond ugly.