Monday, July 06, 2009

more FairPoint

I can see through my sitemeter that FairPoint Communications has been reading my blog.

It's been almost 6 days with no internet, FairPoint. I'm a writer. The internet is part of my job. I'm losing time and money - and hooking into the local library's internet at 11 pm isn't why I'm paying the outrageous sums for DSL that hasn't worked properly since Verizon left.


DissedBelief said...

Oh I'm so sorry Susan, this is terrible. Shades of China and Iran? Isn't this what Iran has been doing to prevent news from reaching us? So in other words, we are no better, if indeed corporations control us in this manner.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a spot where I can e-mail you on your site. How do I contact you to get the appropriate information to get your service repaired?

Or, submit it directly to repair @

THE said...

Dear Anonymous - I have done the appropriate things to get my service repaired. I'm still waiting for the wireless modem that some dillweed ordered and sent to the wrong address.

I must say that telling me to email a repair problem WHEN I DON'T HAVE INTERNET is typical of what is wrong with your company.