Saturday, November 14, 2009

NH GOP - a constant source of pride

I'm not going to link to their site, but Skip and Doug at GraniteGrok do a live radio show, where today they had special birthday wishes for NHDP Chair Ray Buckley.

NH Political Report has the story:

After his radio show "Meet the New Press" ended today, co-founder Doug Lambert looked into a live web-streaming camera, mockingly wished state Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley a Happy Birthday and then called Buckley a "faggot" before basically wishing him dead.
Buckley is the only openly gay chair of a state party in the country. He is also the first openly gay male vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Read the whole story.

I wish I thought that some of their fans would criticize them for this - but after a few visits to their site, it's apparent that it's not a place for thinking Republicans - it's a place for knee jerk reactionaries, who spout the party line as regurgitated to them by Rush Limbaugh. If I liked them at all, I'd be embarrassed for them. They look a little too old for this kind of frat boy hijinks. Adult men who are confident in their sexuality are not threatened by homosexuality.

Yet another look at today's GOP - spewing hatred for anyone not a white heterosexual (at least in public) male.


THE said...

Dear GOP bile spewers:

I moderate the comments here. It's my blog, and I'm not giving you space to express what seem to be your latent longings, or malicious lies.

You'll be welcome at GraniteGrok or NHInsider. The bottom feeders always are.

Ms. Bruce

Aaron said...

Why does this not surprise me. It is a said statement of the NH Republican Party when this is their only online outlet and forum.

DissedBelief said...

Let me guess. These are the same individuals who may have (or their parents/families/friends)have stood outside the South African embassies screaming about Apartheid. They require an education. The Broederbonders, identical in everyway to the GOP, hated anything not white heterosexual male. They too called others unlike themselves disgusting slang terms, finding explitives in all humanity and the universe.

It is NOT the GOP it is the party of the Broederbonder, the party of ApartHATE! They ought to be ashamed of themselves. That they are not, can only speak to a collective IQ of 1.

Thom said...

Susan, please know that there are *some* of us who are fighting this juvenile, homophobic, mean-spirited theocratic crap on a regular basis. I'm a gay man and a life-long Republican, and I will not lie down and allow these thugs to become the tail that wags the GOP dog. You'll notice I (and others) *did* complain directly on the GraniteGrok blog, as well as on the RLCNH Yahoo list, a purportedly libertarian list that is dominated by the Hard Right. And, like you, some of us blog against the Conservative wing of the GOP on a regular basis:
I think it's time you and I linked our blogs :-)

THE said...

Thom - thanks for stopping by to comment. It's good to hear from a Republican who isn't afraid to stand up to the lowest common denominator of today's GOP.

As for linking blogs -
I'm pleased to see that we agree on some things :)