Friday, November 06, 2009

teh stoopid - it bernz

This picture was taken at Michelle Bachman's (Congresswoman from Minnesota, with what could at best be described as a tenuous grip on reality) tea party rally in DC yesterday.

Yep, they're comparing health insurance reform to Dachau. Lots of people died at Dachau. People die every day in this country because they can't afford health care. Are these people so DIM that they can't make that connection?

Fox News: making people stupider, and angrier, every day.

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DissedBelief said...

What????? Dachau and our proposed health care reform - the same??? Interpretation must mean therefore, that the Repubs along with Irans Premier and some others do NOT believe the holocaust happened. This is an insult to the millions who were tortured and murdered by the Nazis. Dispicable and yet another example of right wing ignorance and appalling behavior. Do these people actually think?