Tuesday, November 03, 2009

subtle, they ain't

Viagra celebrates a birthday! Viagra is, of course, covered by most health insurance plans, even though some of those same plans do not cover birth control pills.

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DissedBelief said...

This really gets my blood up (pardon the pun). Viagra is one of the best examples of pharmaceutical companies unscrupulous clamour for more and more profit. This drug was originally tested as a heart medication. When it became apparent that it was useless as a heart drug but that it increased blood flow to sexual organs, the company made the decision to sell it as a "sex drug". That we are giving away this drug to Afghan/Iraqi tribal leaders and others as bribery is absolutely dispicable. That we are so powerless as to where our tax dollars are used is equally dispicable.

When I lived in RI, we are alerted to the fact that "scavengers" would drive around and pick up loose dogs and cats then drive them down to Pfizer in New London CT and sell them for animal testing. Viagra is a franken drug that shouldn't even be allowed to be sold. Please visit www.PCRM.org for info. on kind and humane methods for teaching and testing. I've supported them since the early 1980's.