Monday, February 21, 2011

Urine Need of New Representation, Nashua

There must be something in the water in Hillsborough House District 26. District 26 has 10 representatives to the NH House. Sixty percent of those reps are sponsoring HB 484, which would require random drug testing of food stamp program recipients. Mean spirited, nasty, smug, and inhuman? You betcha.

A few of these men (yes, they are all men) have a little biographical info on the state website. James Summers has 3 kids. He's an Eagle Scout. Peter Silva has 4 kids, and is a lacrosse coach. Michael Reed has 3 kids, and is a baseball and football coach. Three fathers. Two fathers that coach youth sports. Three fathers who are mean spirited enough to propose and support a bill that would potentially cut off food stamps to kids on teams that they coach.

According to the Children's Defense Fund:
10.8% of NH children live in poverty.
4.5 of them in extreme poverty.
25, 913 NH children receive food stamps.

Six out of 10 representatives from district 26 in Hillsborough would like to ensure that some of those 25, 913 kids go hungry.

Approximately 10% of the current caseload would be tested monthly. Here's a fun fact:

The result would be between 5,343 (caseheads only) and 11,229 (including minor children) tests administered.

Seriously??? They're going to test kids? Minor children? Maybe they can bust up an infant crack ring.

The cost would be between $293,865 and $617,595 per month or between $3,526,380 and $7,411,140 annually.


There may be an increase in local expenditures as individuals no longer receiving food stamps may rely on local assistance.

But - here's the real kicker:

There would be no savings to the state for individuals determined ineligible as food stamps are a federal benefit administered by the state.

This won't save the state a dime. In fact, it will cost the state millions. This is just a bunch of affluent, arrogant, pissants who want to make the lives of low income folks even more miserable than they already are. These men are so evil that they'd use taxpayer dollars just to toy with poor people.

At least half of the sponsors of this bill are fathers. 100% of them are rotten bastards. See also: Sociopaths.

There will be a hearing on this bill on Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 10 am, in room 205 at the LOB. It's being heard by the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee, chaired by John "Bedbug" Reagan.

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DissedBelief said...

This brings me straight back to my mantra during the Dubya years and that is one of absolute hypocrisy the GOP consistently practices. Peter Silva has 4 kids????? Couldn't stop at 1 or 2? I wonder if he complains about the state of our state/nation/world? He has directly contributed to environmental and social issues by producing more children than can be sustained by our planet. What he is audacious in doing, is penalizing those at the bottom of the ladder and society for doing perhaps the same? Women and/or families with no bootstraps to pull themselves up by require help from us. It's called community, and it's considered civilized behavior. Mr. Reed is no better, with 3 kids added to the groaning planet. If these individuals know "better" and wish to dictate to everyone else, then their example should be exemplary. So far, it isn't, so far, I'm just seeing individuals who feel they are self entitled and those less fortunate must pay for their entitlements.

Anonymous said...

Right on, DissedBelief! And let us not forget that idiot from Idaho who has 10 KIDS ON MEDICAID, but likes to rant about "takers." Reminds me of that Monty Python song, "Every sperm is sacred."