Monday, February 21, 2011

Urine Trickling Down

Kevin Smith Gets Mad at Me:

The Blue Hampshire posting singled out Reps. Summers, Silva, and Reed as fathers and coaches, particularly criticizing them for the provision in the bill that would include minor children in the mandatory drug testing. They are joined by fellow Hillsborough House District 26 Reps. LeBrun, Ohm, and Whitehead in sponsoring the legislation. The post goes on to state that the testing will cost the state money without any savings, as food stamps are a federal program, and accuses the co-sponsors of being elitists who are discriminating against low-income citizens

Ironic, isn't it? Kevin Smith, pro-life conservative, who touts his concern for children and families with every breath - isn't upset with legislators who want to take food away from kids - or force minors to undergo drug testing. He's mad at me for bringing it up, and calling them arrogant pissants.

If Kevin Smith was anything that he says he is, he'd be as outraged as I am by this bill. He's not. He's defending the creeps who wrote the bill. If you ever had any doubt that Cornerstone is just a GOP mouthpieece - you need doubt no more.

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