Monday, February 21, 2011

urine your own

Even Jack Kimball is outraged that I would criticize his boys for attempting to turn poverty into a crime - and costing taxpayers millions to do so:

“To post an outrageous tirade filled with personal attacks and name calling to criticize legislation that most people in the state of New Hampshire view positively, is utterly ridiculous,” said Kimball. “Susan Bruce owes an apology to the taxpayers of New Hampshire and the legislators who were maligned for simply attempting to put an end to one aspect of welfare fraud which directly affects and the taxpayers of this state.”

The bill will save NH no money. It will cost upwards of $7 million dollars - and I'M the one who should apologize to taxpayers?

The bill would take food away from kids and families.
It saves NH taxpayers nothing.
It costs NH taxpayers at least $7 million.

I do not believe that most people in the state of NH view this positively. It's the GOP nanny state, marching in with their brown shirts and jackboots, once again.


DissedBelief said...

Mr. Kimball would do well to take into consideration, many individuals such as myself who have been good citizens for many years. But who also, see close correlation between "his" kind of behavior, and that of Broederbonder apartheid South Africa. So happy Susan you referred to the brown shirts and Jackboots which is another regular simile I utilize. There is nothing honorable about their intentions to hack and demoralize those already clinging to the last rung of the ladder.

Anonymous said...


Don't know what to say. I'm a year and a half here in Brazil and when I poke my head up to see if the insanity has abated I see these scum attempting to criminalize the basic human need...f---ing food. Why not just let everyone applying for benefits know that they are being carefully scrutinized by the society they live in for having the need to eat.
It's pretty scary how some people get in difficult times. Some people go crazy (that's normal), and some people just get plain cruel.
First comment in a year and it really does sort of ruin the rest of the day. Yech.
Dave Jarvis