Wednesday, January 01, 2014

NH Rebellion

Have you heard about the NH Rebellion?:

As the first step in rebelling against a broken system and a dysfunctional Congress, the NHRebellion invites you to continue Granny D and Aaron’s work by walking down through New Hampshire.  On January 11, 2014—15 years after Granny D began her walk, and beginning on the day Aaron died—we will walk the state from the top to the bottom, recruiting as many citizens in New Hampshire to this cause as we can.  Our walk will end on January 24th, the day Granny D was born.  We hope you will dedicate yourself to joining this monumental cause, as New Hampshire’s citizens light the first flames of sweeping, nation-wide reform.

I encourage you to read all about it. It's a lot of different people from across the political spectrum: Republicans, Democrats, Undeclared, Occupiers and Free Staters. (I'm not without personal ambivalence when it comes to Lessig's embrace of the libertarian cultists.) 

That said - this kind of awareness is always a good thing, especially when it reminds us all of the work that Granny D did before the Supreme Court gave us Citizen's United. We have an even more uphill battle now. Government by the highest bidders is just not acceptable. 

The walkers need beds and meals along the way - from Errol to Nashua. If you can help, please send an email to

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