Monday, January 20, 2014

Those Peace Loving Free Staters

Free Keener and US presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry's candidate website (be sure to check out the platform and issues section) has the sub-heading of "Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty. 

Darryl Perry is part of the Free State Project, a group of armed insurrectionists invading NH with the intention of colonizing, taking over, and dismantling our state government, then threatening secession. The Free Staters always tout their desire for peace, even as they insist on carrying weapons. They love to natter on about the "non-aggression principle" - a bit of libertarian philosophy that they all claim to embrace. Despite this belief in non-aggression, one of their members murdered his son in August before turning his gun on himself. Members of the cult also routinely use violent rhetoric and threats against those who dare criticize them. 

Peace is a word that the FSP loves to use. They aren't part of an organized peace effort in NH, or anywhere else. It's just a word that they use as an attempt to make themselves seem benign. Guns are one of their primary concerns. They think that if they throw the word peace around often enough, we won't notice the contradiction. People of peace are not obsessed with owning and carrying weapons. 

Darryl Perry and his fellow miscreants in Keene declared their home a parsonage, in the hopes of avoiding taxes. I have great admiration for people of principle who refuse to pay taxes in opposition to war. They go to prison. It's honorable. The Free Keeners are just unprincipled grifters who expect everyone else to pick up the tab. Their idea of civil disobedience is writing on the pavement in Keene parks with chalk. They're not exactly competing with MLK. 

Darryl Perry is a prolific writer - one who claims to be an award winner. After looking through several of his publications I would award him a proofreader. But I'm not here to criticize his writing skills - I'm here to talk about content. 

Given the emphasis Darryl W. Perry has placed on "Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty" I was surprised to find this  paragraph as I looked at one of his books:

Yep, that's right. "While I support peaceful means to reclaim freedom, I'm not opposed to using force if necessary."
You can find it on page 52 of Perry's book 1776 & Today: Why We Need A New American Revolution

That's some real peace, freedom, love & liberty at work right there, Darryl. You're bound to be a contender for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Darryl W. Perry is not the only one. I've written about early Free State Project signer Vin Suprynowicz who wrote a fanboy paean to domestic terrorist Carl Drega. Muni Savyon taught us plenty about the FSP and the non-aggression principle when he shot his nine year old son 6 times. The Free Staters made a big public show of excommunicating one of their own,  Chris Cantwell, for his comments:

The government doesn't much care if you are peaceful or not, all they care about is if you are obedient. Free Staters are not being labeled as terrorists because they are violent; they are being labeled as terrorists because they are disobedient. Being violent is not a prerequisite for government violence being used against a person, and in the entire history of statism, it never has been. The only prerequisite of government violence is disobedience, and in entirely too many cases, even obedient slaves are harassed, assaulted, kidnapped, or murdered by government agents.

So what to do? It’s a terribly unpopular thing to say, but the answer, at some point, is to kill government agents. The government agents know that, and that’s why they want a tank.

Careful Darryl. You've got competition for that Nobel Peace Prize. 

On a site called Liberty is my Homie-Tats, we see the ink that some of our peace loving Free Stater friends are sporting, including this: 

Because nothing says "peace, freedom, liberty &  love" like BORN TO KILL. 

This is what is under the mask. They do not come in peace.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why these individuals find NH so attractive? They would find much more of a comfortable home with many like minded folk in most southern states who since the civil war have been just DYING to break away from the hated Republic. Not to mention if he and his ilk really want a good fight, I'm sure Iraq or Egypt would welcome some good fighters to throw into their current messy mixers. And then they could start fresh with a brand new nation "in their image". Oh, isn't that what we have already tried to do?
I see sedition written all over this one.

Notes for Robots said...


I have a minor correction on these Free State "grifters." The Shire Free Church are not avoiding taxes, but are only actively paying for services by the "City of Keene" the Church uses specifically.

susanthe said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmm. I am a NH native and I've met some great folks involved in the FSP. Every group will have some bad apples. You position yourself as the hateful one here with this article.

susanthe said...

Thanks for stopping by davidinkeene.