Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Striking a Blow for Freedom and Liberty in NH!

As the New Year dawns, we turn our attention to the 2014 session of the NH legislature. So far there are 703 bills awaiting the return of our solons. Thus far, 96 bills have been withdrawn. (a quick look through that list reveals some real doozies. Apparently GOP leadership put the kibosh to some of that nonsense seein' as how it's an election year.)

Our state's freedom and liberty crowd have filed many bills this year to free us from the tyranny of the state. Today, we turn our attention to HB 1378, filed by Rep. George Lambert. Thus far, he's been unsuccessful in finding any co-sponsors. The text of the bill:

This bill repeals requirements for sugar packets dispensed in restaurants.

HB 1378 is aimed at repealing RSA 143:6-a:

No establishment which serves food or drink to the public with or without charge shall provide sugar except in individually wrapped packets or in covered containers from which sugar is poured through a hole not more than 3/8 of an inch in diameter.

Right on, bro. Nothing says tyranny and oppression like SANITATION! 

Remember these? 

They sat on tables in restaurants. Sometimes you could see bugs in them. People picked them up, kids licked them, kids stuck their fingers in their noses and then in the hole where the sugar comes out, servers wiped them down with dirty rags - one can see why Lambert is eager to return us to the good old days. After all, germs are your right! You should be able to choose to choose to have a vessel that anyone can open and put anything in! The gummint shouldn't force you to forgo these pleasures. 


After all, if someone puts something in there that makes you sick or kills you, you won't be going back to that restaurant now, will you? 

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