Monday, June 30, 2014

The Havensteins abide by different laws than the Havenotensteins

The NH Ballot Law Commission ruled 3-2 today that Walter Havenstein, the Maryland resident who is running for governor of NH can run for governor of NH.  Havenstein signed forms in Maryland to get a homesteader tax break, stating that he was a full time resident of the state. Today, we learned (anew) that laws don't apply to the wealthy. 

For months, Havenstein has stressed he’s considered New Hampshire his home since he moved here in 1999.

Oh, well then. Why wouldn't we take him at his word?? 

“The area that I think is most compelling is the fact that I came home. I came home routinely as often as I could. And so the context of domicile was never at issue, certainly not in my mind.”
He visited NH as often as he could! And it was never an issue in HIS mind. The rest of you hacks are just mean spirited, questioning the sterling intentions of this candidate. 
A lawyer for the Democratic party noted that Havenstein signed several documents, including a mortgage and a Maryland tax return, where that indicated a Bethesda condominium as his primary residence. Havenstein called those mistakes.
If I dishonestly filled out a form and then called it a mistake, I'd be disqualified, forced to pay back the money, and possibly be charged with larceny. A mistake? The man signed a homesteader tax deduction saying he was a full time resident. How, exactly, did he do that by mistake? And WHY has no one in the NH media bestirred themselves to ask that question? 
If he doesn't read what he's signing - why would anyone vote for him? 
 Justice really is different for the rich and Republican. 


Anonymous said...

Yes it is, and it is relatively simple to find the facts and figures to back it up. Laws only apply to those who can't afford the high priced legal teams. And NJ Christie is yet another prime example of someone with $$ and power who clearly carried out a vendetta, then had his closest aides take the fall for it AND got away with it. Does scum always settle to the bottom? Is this why so many real prizes are thronging here to Live Free and take over?

Anonymous said...

I assume the Democratic Party has notified Maryland's AG?

Timothy Horrigan said...

I am not shocked the ballot law commission ruled the way it did, but I was shocked that he had the gall to describe his Bethesda condo as "spartan." I have seen realtors' listings for similar condos in his building. This was a luxury 2-bedroom condo in a very good location, with 2 parking spaces. Even in DC, $1.25M still buys a pretty nice apartment.

Brian Loudermilch said...

He either LIED to the folks in Maryland or he LIED to the folks in New Hampshire.

If a Person can't tell the TRUTH before they are elected, It's doubtful that they will change that behavior after they are elected.

Congratulations to the New Hampshire Ballot Commission for IGNORING the Facts.