Sunday, November 02, 2014

Another Shady Group Funding Attacks

This last minute FEAR attack comes from a group called Packing NH, whose mission claims to be support for Second Amendment candidates. This group was formed by JR Hoell, a NH State Rep from Dunbarton, and Susan Olsen, a gundamentalist from Weare. Apparently there is a terrible threat to NH gun ownership - so much so that the gazillion other gun groups in NH weren't sufficient. We needed one more. 

As you can see by the cheesy postcard, the mission seems to have veered from supporting Second Amendment candidates, to attacking legislators they don't like. Packing NH's stance on guns is too radical for most NH residents, so they're attacking from a different angle, to divert attention from themselves. Most people think background checks are a good idea. Not Packing NH. 

These cards were sent out attacking Representatives Robert Cushing, Ed Butler, and Steve Shurtleff. They hate Ed Butler because he  thinks background checks on gun buyers are a good idea. They hate Steve Shurtleff because he's a former US Marshall who apparently doesn't believe every citizen should  have a rocket launcher in their pocket. They hate Renny because he's respected on both sides of the aisle, and impervious to their whimpering about guns. If they can get somewhere with getting these guys voted out, it sends a message to anyone else who might threaten their rights to GUNZ, GUNZ, and MOAR GUNZ! Because clearly, MOAR GUNZ is the solution to all of NH's problems. 

It's almost funny if you think about how scared these people are. They live in one of the safest states in the nation, but they're scared spitless to leave their homes without a personal arsenal. 

 Packing NH is a PAC registered in June with the Secretary of State. It seems they weren't exactly honest in their filing:

As you can see, they claimed on their paperwork that the PAC would not be making independent expenditures. As you can see, there was another box to check. If they had checked the box that reflects what they're actually doing, I couldn't call them sleazy and dishonest. 

To their credit - the PAC has filed subsequent reports noting their donations. They have not filed any reports (including the October 29 filing) that listed expenditures. 

To summarize: Gundamentalists form PAC to support their fellow gun nuts running for office. In their filing, they say they will make no independent expenditures. They report their donations. They report no expenditures. Yet attack postcards go out under the name of this PAC - postcards that don't address the Second Amendment, which is allegedly their reason for being. 

Sleazy and dishonest? You decide. 

They have filed a report of their expenditures  with the Secretary of State. 

Secretary of State Election Division


Anonymous said...

Individuals who dislike rising taxes, rising costs in general are not only extremely unrealistic but don't understand the basics. I learned these basics about a hundred years ago in college in Economics and Political Science. Our nation has a soaring population register, which means We ALL must be cared for be it with good roads, strong infrastructure etc. This stuff has to be maintained, updated and many times constructed brand new. It takes BIG money to do this. We already know that the Koch's don't want any part of this because they are not concerned with anything but their own strength and power. We can't fix stupid but we can vote against it.

Kimberly Morin said...

You're an ammophobe...

Anonymous said...

what is it with you people and the Kochs? Oh wait - you are the people that adore the Marxist George Soros... it's ok when he funds stuff. as for the basics in Economics, it wouldn't hurt for you to pick up a book about it as you certainly do not grasp anything about what happens when taxes keep getting increased and money keeps getting printed and more debt keeps getting piled on... if you think Socialism is so terrific why don't you go live in Cuba - they also got "free healthcare"

Anonymous said...

Do you Koch-obsessed people have no other arrows in your quiver?

The group has nothing to do with anyone named Koch. It is 100% local, unlike you progressive hacks that take money from The Rockefeller Bros Fund, Steyer, Soros, and other out of state bazillionaires.

I have lost my affordable healthcare thanks to that nutjob avoider and liar Shaheen and I'll be damned if I'm about to lose the right to defend myself as well.

Time to clean house and get rid of these 'free' staters from Conn, RI, MA, Vt, NY, and other places who have colonized our fair state and are only here taking away our freedoms. They want us to turn into Detroit...

susanthe said...

The Kochs aren't mentioned anywhere in this blog piece, Third Anonymous.

Perhaps you should read before commenting next time.

Anonymous said...

"They live in one of the safest states in the nation"

We do live in one of the safest States in the Nation. Which is why, when I dig a little deeper into who this PAC is against I see they are all people who have tried to add more do nothing regulations. I call them "do nothing regulations" because they won't stop a criminal hell bent on committing a heinous crime. The only purpose is to further restrict law abiding citizens and effectively create criminals out those law abiding citizens. So why are they trying to make criminals out of Law abiding people? Why are they trying to pass bills for problems the State of NH doesn't have... Because they are puppets for their own Billionaire - Bloomberg.

susanthe said...

It seems gundamentalists aren't just afraid to leave their homes without a gun, they're afraid to use their own names on blogs.

Most recent anonymouse: Bloomberg isn't a NH resident, nor does he have any influence in NH state politics. Your "deep digging" appears to have been into the outhouse for parrots.

Kimberly Morin said...

"It's almost funny if you think about how scared these people are. They live in one of the safest states in the nation, but they're scared spitless to leave their homes without a personal arsenal."

Why do you keep PUSHING gun control if you agree we live in one of the safest states in the nation?

susanthe said...

What kind of "gun control" am I pushing?

If it's so safe, why are you all so scared, Kimmy?

Anonymous said...

Wish I had had a gun this morning when I was confronted by the extremist Susan Olsen. She is a real piece of work, almost as much as that Kimberly Moron.