Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Packing NH's Sleazy Mailers: The Plot Thickens

NH State Representative Robert Cushing has filed a complaint with the AG regarding the last minute sleazy attack mailers that went out the weekend before the midterm elections. 

Packing NH:
Another Shady Group Funding Attacks

Another Ace in the Hoell

Last Minute Attacks by Shady Non-Profit Affiliated with Americans for Prosperity

Packing NH's initial filing with the Secretary of State stated that they would not be making independent expenditures during the upcoming election. 

They lied. 

They sent out dishonest SCARE postcards (with really shoddy graphics) targeting Representatives Renny Cushing, Ed Butler, and Steve Shurtleff. 

Packing NH consists of State Representative JR Hoell of Dunbarton and Susan Olsen of Weare. 

The plot thickens:

As you can see from this independent expenditure report, Packing NH used Marantha Printing, at 523 Mason Road in Milford, NH. 

That's the home address of newly minted former Executive Councilor David Wheeler.


Turns out there is no such business registered with the Sec. of State:


Kimberly said...

How is this the 'plot thickening'? The man runs a business. PackingNH used a LOCAL business to print mailers.

Should they have gone out-of-state instead? Would that make you happy?

Keep these coming.... you're cracking NH up!!!

Anonymous said...

This is simply rigging. Cheating, and rigging..

susanthe said...

Dishonest postcards were sent out by a group that filed paperwork with the Sec. of State saying they wouldn't be making independent expenditures.

The sleazy, dishonest postcards were printed by the business of newly elected former Executive Councilor. A business that isn't registered with the Sec. of State.

Only the most ethically challenged would find all of this untroubling.

Lucy Edwards said...

Ergo, Kimberly is ethically challenged.

Anonymous said...

Any group that gives itself a name such as "Packing" with an automatic weapon as its logo should be closely watched by the authorities in my opinion. I would consider a group such as this nothing more than a home grown terrorist group.
They may rather prefer living under someone such as Putin who is all for bigger and more vicious weapons and playing the tough guy as well as intimidating people with death symbolism as well as carrying out such threats.

Anonymous said...

Semi-Automatic Firearm....and why should the "authorities" be watching a group that has an image of a perfectly legal firearm in their logo? You are all children.

victoria said...

Packing NH is listed as a "Resource" by the Free State Project.