Sunday, November 09, 2014

#Free Pindell

During a media shitstorm a few years ago, when Jack Kimball, Kevin Smith, and other Republicans were loudly calling for my head - James Pindell was the only reporter in the state who actually called me to get my comments. Every other reporter just wrote up the wingnut version of the story. 

WMUR ranked third in the US for running US Senate related ads this year. Over 10,000 of them. It's no wonder there are marble floors in the WMUR lobby. They have a very lucrative monopoly which serves to benefit 2 entities: WMUR and the GOP. I've spent the last two years at the State House watching Josh McElveen pander shamelessly to the GOP - running straight to JR Hoell of all people, nearly every time he entered the House chamber. He never speaks to a Democrat unless he absolutely has to. He doesn't even bother with a pretense of fairness. 

Reporters all over the country are being silenced by Big Money. Dave McKinney recently resigned from the Chicago Sun Times because management caved to the Rauner campaign and made it impossible for McKinney to do his job. Rauner is now mayor of Chicago, and there will be fewer reporters covering him. That's how it's going everywhere. The Telegraph ditched State House Reporter Kevin Landrigan. There are 3 AP stringers in NH - down from 12. This biennium there will be only 2 seasoned reporters at the NH State House - Garry Rayno and Josh Rogers. 

I don't think that James should be fired for making Scott Brown uncomfortable. I don't think James should be fired because of the influence of Big Money. 

Furthermore, WMUR is broadcasting over our public airwaves. They should be held accountable. 


June said...

Excellent! Always enjoy your work. Never watch WMUR any more. Cannot stand the POV.

Becky DeWitt said...

James Pindell should be praised for his work at the debate. It isn't his fault Scott Brown had no idea where Sullivan County is. I thought it gave real insight into the fact that the man has no clue about the state of NH or its residents. If anyone had any doubts before that debate, that question alone should have clarified what a mistake it would have been to not re-elect Jeanne Shaheen.

June said...

Excellent commentary, as usual. Noticed Mr. Pindell in this morning's Telegraph.

Have totally given up watching MUR.

Brian Loudermilch said...

This is WHY net neutrality is SO important.

The internet is the ONLY place where people can engage in an open discussion of issues free from Corporate CONTROL.

The FCC "Common Carrier" regulations MUST be granted to the internet.

Without "Common Carrier" status, the internet will become just another corporate controlled media.