Sunday, May 31, 2015

I'm Angry Still

Dr. George Tiller was murdered by a terrorist on May 31, 2009.

I was angry then. I'm angry still. Dr. Tiller was murdered inside his church on that Sunday morning by an anti-abortion terrorist named Scott Roeder. Roeder didn't have a job, yet somehow he managed to drive around Kansas gluing clinic doors shut and staying in hotels. Someone was supporting his work. 

In his car was the phone number of a woman named Cheryl Sullenger who is second in command at Operation Rescue. Sullenger is a convicted terrorist. Operation Rescue claims they didn't know anything about this. 

Someone was bankrolling him. And that's one reason why I'm still angry. To the best of my knowledge, there's never been any real investigation into what was very likely a conspiracy. For years, that ignoranus Bill O'Reilly brayed on his fake news program about "Tiller the killer." No one took that seriously, because FREEDUMB. Just like no one took the terrorist website that had photos of Tiller and his family, their address, and the address of their church. 

I said it in 2009, and I say it still - this is a murder that was allowed to happen. This was a murder that was "investigated" in the sense that they arrested Roeder outside the church. There were witnesses. That appears to be the extent of the investigation that was conducted into Tiller's death. 

I'm still angry. 

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Matisse said...

I am still angry too, Susan. If it's in the books, that abortion is legal, then you have to protect clinics, their workers and women. You are right that it was a conspiracy; Maddow showed that clearly in her documentary. Fuck them!