Thursday, May 21, 2015

NH House Republicans Fail to Support Nursing Mothers

This week in NH, we saw Republicans congratulating themselves on being "women friendly" because 19 year old college student Yvonne Dean-Bailey was elected to the NH House in a special election.

At the same time, this week the House Commerce committee voted to retain SB 219, a bill that would require businesses to provide a space other than a toilet stall, for nursing mothers to express breast milk. 

They voted to retain the bill because they lacked the courage to kill it outright. They knew it would be seen for what it is - a failure to support women and children. A failure to live up to their own oft-touted family values. They knew it would be seen as another instance of the GOP war on women. 

This is the party that loudly proclaims to speak for the unborn - yet here we see how little interest they have in providing even a modicum of support for even the newly born. 

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