Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yvonne Dean-Bailey is all PAC'd Up

This is Yvonne Dean-Bailey. She's from Northwood, NH. Last year she graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy. She's a freshman at Mt. Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA.  

Ms. Dean-Bailey is running for the NH House, in a special election being held in Rockingham County District 32. She thinks she'll transfer to UNH. Otherwise the commute might be a mite onerous.

A special election is being held because Brian Dobson, who won the November election went to work for Congressman Frank Guinta before he was ever sworn in. (Great career move, Brian!!) The 4 towns of the district now have to pony up roughly $20,000 each for the special election. They should send Guinta the bill. Of course with the $355,000 he has to pay back in illegal campaign funds and the $15,000 fine to the FEC, unFrank isn't exactly rolling in dough. 

Dean-Bailey won the GOP primary against another college student, Brian Stone, who attends UNH. Brian was arrested for violating a protective order shortly before the primary. The Democratic candidate is Maureen Mann of Deerfield, who has served two terms in the NH House. 

Rockingham 32 consists of the towns of Candia, Deerfield, Northwood, and Nottingham. The special election is being held on Tuesday, May 19. 

I spent some time wading through both candidate's online receipt and expenditure forms at the NH Secretary of State's website. 

Yvonne Dean-Bailey is a remarkably well financed candidate. She is running for the NH House of Representatives, where she hopes to be one of 400 "volunteer" representatives who will earn the princely sum of $100 a year.  A candidate for the NH House typically raises about $1000. 

Dean-Bailey is the beneficiary of $3,050 in outright cash donations from PACs:

The NH Federation of Republican Women gave $200
The NH Liberty Alliance gave $1000
House Victory PAC gave $1000
Friends of Regina Birdsell Pac gave $100
NH Avantage PAC gave $250
Kelly PAC gave $500. 

The State Republican Committee spent $733.31 on a mailer for Dean-Bailey and $1980.00 on live and robo calls for the candidate. 

The Liberty for All PAC has spent $4,301.46 on mailings for Dean-Bailey. This PAC was founded by a young glibertarian guy from Texas named John Ramsey. He inherited millions and created his PAC to help libertea Republicans get elected across the country. His interest in or ties to Rockingham 32? Zero. 

That's a a little over $10,000 in PAC money alone. For a NH House race. 

Dean-Bailey has also received many individual contributions. Many of them came from places like:

Erie, Colorado                 
Whitefish, Montana
Iowa City, Iowa
Blairsville, Georgia 
Washington, DC
Plant City, Florida
Ankeny, Iowa
Downers Grove, Illinois
Alexandria, Virginia
Glastonbury, Connecticut
Chicago, Illinois
Chesterfield, Virginia
Midlothian, Virginia
Lima, Ohio
Dallas, Texas 

Her March 11 disclosure form alone lists 56 donations. Of those 56 only two came from her district. A total of 9 residents of Rockingham 32 have donated to Yvonne Dean-Bailey thus far. 

It seems that there is little support for Dean-Bailey within  her district - but a whole lot of outsiders and outside special interests are deeply interested in purchasing a seat in the NH House. 

This makes a mockery of the reasons we have volunteer legislature. 


Carol Backus said...

Thanks for the research. I knew she smelled fishy, but show why.

Artemisia said...

You have to be kidding. Transfer from prestigious Mt. Holyoke to our state school? The one that Yvonne's precious conservatives have screwed out of much needed funding? Perhaps that's exactly what she deserves: an underfunded public education. Will she be losing her scholarship to one of the best colleges around? Doesn't matter. Daddy Koch will pick up the bill. The "daddy" state, y'know?