Monday, March 28, 2016

Felonious Max Abramson Didn't Get the Memo

NH State Rep. Max Abramson (photo from

NH State Representative Max Abramson is a Republican from Seabrook. He's also a member of the Free State Project, the group of armed, libertarian/anarchist miscreants, who are moving to NH with the stated goal of taking over and dismantling the state government, then threatening secession. Since moving to NH, Abramson has distinguished himself by firing his gun at a party at his house in a residential neighborhood, which resulted in a felony conviction. He's also recently ingratiated himself with voters by coming to the defense of former House colleague Kyle Tasker, who was arrested for trying to arrange a sexual liason with a 14 year old girl over Facebook. 

This is from Abramson's personal FB page: 

Of course there is no such requirement, as anyone who bothered to do even a simple google search would discover. 

The libertarians who are invading our state love to tell us that they are all about live and let live - and live free or die. They support gay marriage! 

In The Economist  Free Staters try to take credit for the passing of NH's marriage equality law. What's especially amusing about this Economist piece is that Carol McGuire, whom they present as an FSP legislative darling, voted AGAINST marriage equality. 

One of the 101 Reasons to move to NH touted by the Free State Project is the fact that NH passed marriage equality. 

Apparently Felonious Max didn't get the memo that he's not supposed to be a public bigot. But hey, at least the FSP didn't kick him out of the FSP for publicly supporting a pedophile. At least not yet. As long as Max is in the legislature, he's useful to FSP, Inc. 

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Junior Mints said...

I can't see how FSP claims to be strong advocates for SSM. When in reality they have been silent for the last several years up until it was made legal by SCOTUS and NOW they are yapping about 'get government out of marriage' which is basically an opaque way of sucking up to the far right wing religious freaks in the legislatures.

The FSP has been nothing but silent cowards at best and bigoted at worse towards extending marriage rights to our LBGTQ brothers and sisters.

The more i talk about them the more enraged i get about what huge fakers they are. Corporatist soldiers stomping all over our own decisions about our body and how we want to live our live in privacy and peace.

With Respect.