Tuesday, March 08, 2016

NH Media Silent on GOP Election Fraud

                                    NH State Rep. Don Leeman of Rochester, NH (h/t miscellany blue for photo)

After the NH Primary, there was a small, quiet story in the news. From Fosters:

A local state representative’s voting location has sparked an investigation from the state’s Attorney General.
Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan confirmed on Wednesday that the Attorney General’s office is looking into whether State Rep. Don Leeman, R-Rochester, violated any state laws by voting in the recent N.H. presidential primary election in a district in which he is temporarily no longer living.

Scanlan said a person intentionally voting in the wrong polling place faces a “range of potential ramifications, anything from civil fine to criminal prosecution.”

This wasn't a big story. You didn't see it splashed across the front page of the UL. You didn't see it covered on WMUR. When a Republican State Representative commits voter fraud, the NH media is silent. 

Some of the bills Don Leeman sponsored this session:

HB 1425  restricting the use of food stamps in convenience stores. He wanted to allow only milk to be purchased in convenience stores with SNAP benefits. He told the committee he thinks people could get more for their money at supermarkets. No word on whether he was planning to give them rides. 

HB 1542  Requiring drug testing of public assistance recipients. Because obviously, anyone receiving public assistance is on drugs. As we all know, this has cost other states a fortune, and saved them nothing. 

HB 1629  Disqualifying members of certain groups from receiving public assistance. This would add a checkbox to forms so that people who are members of foreign terrorist groups could self-sort themselves out of getting any kind of public assistance in the US. It also provided a helpful "fink" provision that would enable residents to turn in anyone they thought was a terrorist, and potentially get a reward. 

It seems Leeman was deeply concerned with uncovering fraud. Except, of course, when he was committing it himself. Then it was justified. Leeman should be charged with election fraud, and voter fraud. 

He is now on the verge of being a former State Representative. The House Legislative Administration Committee has made this determination:

The committee, as part of this report undertook to answer two questions. 1) Is the member an inhabitant of the district to which he was elected? 2) Is the member qualified to continue to represent the district to which he was elected? The committee agreed, unanimously, that the answer to both questions was no. Representative Leeman can no longer serve as a member of the New Hampshire House because he has constitutionally disqualified himself. 

All of this without a whisper from the NH media. 

According to Fosters today:

Should the House vote Leeman is no longer qualified, his seat would be vacated immediately, Rivers said.
Leeman said he had appeared before the committee on Tuesday and was confident he would not be voted out of his seat. He said Tuesday he had spoken to the Speaker of the House, and that "we have a resolution to the whole thing."

A resolution? He moved out of his district, then voted in it anyway in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of his constituents, so he could keep his seat. 

If they vote to keep him, the NH GOP should STFU about voter fraud, now and forever.  


Artemisia said...

You might be a Republican if.....you want "less government" for yourself and "more government" for people you don't like. Good riddance.

Timothy Horrigan said...

He's also a con artist.

Marjorie Porter said...

In 2010, Rep. Laurie Sanborn lived in Loudon, but ran and was elected to represent the towns of Henniker and Bradford in the NH house. She and her husband owned a house in Henniker, which they rented out, but the renters were evicted prior to the election. They registered to vote in Henniker, but neighbors reported they never stayed at the house there. When recognizing Rep. Sanborn to speak at the well, Speaker O'Brien introduced her as "the gentlewoman from Loudon."
Authorities were told, but nothing done, as it was said it was hard to prove they did not mean to return there.
The Sanborns resigned their seats in the house and senate and moved to Bedford when Andy wanted to run for the senate from District 9 in 2012. Some Bedford residents have told me the driveway at their home there was not plowed after storms.

lakelady said...


Latest and greatest about Leeman and his bud Bennett. I am so sick of this S***. Keep going Susan!