Wednesday, March 09, 2016

NH GOP Rep Commits Voter Fraud, Keeps House Seat

A month ago, there was a story in Fosters  about NH State Representative Don Leeman. The pertinent facts:

In December he moved out of the district that elected him. He continued to serve in the legislature. In February he voted in the district that elected him - NOT  the district where he lived. In March, the Legislative Administration committee determined that he was no longer qualified to represent his district, since he didn't live there any more.  

Leeman gave Speaker Shawn Jasper a note from his new, temp landlord on Tuesday, and today, according to  Fosters  the committee report saying Leeman wasn't qualified to serve was tabled, and he gets to keep his seat. 

Let's review, shall we?

Leeman moved in December. 

He went back to the legislature in January, and continued to serve, without telling anyone that he had moved. 

Leeman went to the polls on February 9, to participate in the first in the nation primary. 

He went to the polls in a district that he did not live in and voted. 

He committed election fraud. 

He committed voter fraud. 

And today, he was allowed to keep his seat in the NH House.

I do not want to hear a single word, EVER, from NH Republicans about voter fraud.  


lakelady said...

Well, I missed this post so I'll post my comment again to get a discussion going.

The latest and greatest about Leeman and his bud, Bennett M.D. (Leeman's physician since 1989, and new landlord since today!?!).

What a bunch of cow manure!!

Sooooo tired of politicians bending the rules for their or their buddies' benefit.

Brian Loudermilch said...

Because LAWS are for OTHER people.

People that are NOT Male.

And people that don't have WHITE skin.

Oh, Yeah, One other thing: Don't be Poor.

DeedsResearcher said...

It is just too amateur writers don't bother to get ALL the facts before they start typing their non-stories. Whatever happened to the phrase "responsible journalism"?

Leeman made a move that was planned to be very temporary. His former apartment where he had lived for almost 9 years was falling apart, and there was an infestation of bugs of some sort. Even before he gave notice to his landlord, he had contacted a local realtor...a democrat who is also a County Commissioner (easily verifiable!)... and told him that he was looking for a home in Ward 3 (or Ward 2, since Leeman represents both). That was on November 17, which was almost 2 weeks before he gave his 3 day written notice.

His next move was to ask the Speaker of the House, Mr. Jasper, about his situation. The Speaker advised him that under NH law, as long as he intended to move back into his district he could keep his seat. The Secretary of State verified that fact.
One interesting comment here: Leeman was able to prove his intent by providing copies of his communications with the realtor. They were done through, and the realtor kept a record.
Another point: He did provide his temporary mailing address to the House Clerk so that mailings could be sent out promptly. So for you to say that Leeman "told nobody" is not only inaccurate, but it could be considered a lie. It was the House Clerk who found the clause in the NH Constitution, and it does appear as if the law and the Constitution are in conflict. But Ann Grassie RAN for office in a ward where she did not live, and she did not move into that house until after she was elected. So why was she allowed to even be on the ballot? She said "I intend to move in". Is that a "precedent"? A rational person would think so.
(Oh, Grassie is a Democrat, so the Fosters said nothing. But Leeman, who is a Republican, gets thrown to the wolves? Does anyone around here believe in fair and accurate reporting?)
He did attempt to comply with the Speaker's request by looking at several properties, including the one on which he offered the full list price in order to buy it! As it turned out, the seller had another offer for a higher amount, which he did accept. In fact, that was a nice mobile home in Briar Ridge Estates...right smack in Ward 3... and about a mile from where he used to live.
Can Leeman be faulted for having followed the advice of the Speaker of the House and the Secretary of State? In my opinion, no, he cannot be faulted.
Further information: When Leeman moved into his temporary place, he advised the manager of the facility that he would not be staying long. The lease allows him to move out at any time with just 30 days notice. It is my understanding that he was planning to give that notice as soon as his offer for the mobile home was accepted and papers were passed.

By the way, Dr. Bennett has not been Leeman's doctor since "1989", as I think another writer said. In fact, Leeman never heard of him before 2000, so "Lakelady" DOES need to check her facts before casting aspersions.

There is an old saying in the newspaper business, one that would be good for anyone to follow: "Learn everything before writing anything".

susanthe said...

There's an old saying on my blog: Use your real name if you wish to be taken seriously. Of course, I know who this is, by virtue of the poor quality of the writing. At least you left out the Nazi quotes, SJC.

Let's begin here with your opening line:

"It is just too amateur writers don't bother to get ALL the facts before they start typing their non-stories."

Is this a question? Is it a statement? I can't tell. I can, however, tell that it makes no sense. A timid anonymouse who wants to critique my writing ought to be above reproach in his own.

Your spirited defense of Rep. Leeman is not surprising, as is your sad attempt to distract into some other representative's past problems. I'm not going to waste any time on that.

The important area you intentionally failed to address is VOTER FRAUD. Don Leeman committed VOTER FRAUD by voting in a district he was not residing in.

As for Bennet being Leeman's doctor since 1989, - that was reported in the Foster's story. Take it up with them. I'm pretty sure they'll make you use your real name.

It does give me pleasure to see that you're still completely pissed off that I have a newspaper column, and all you have is a blog at a conservative dumpster that no one reads.


"But to establish its cause upon nothing and yet not to burn all its bridges behind it: that is the nobility of the National Socialist era."- Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, PhD.

Nada Susan The Bruce.

Perhaps you can use your coveted "newspaper column" as a popularity index to convince the voters of Conway to finally send you to the General Court.

Rep. Susan The Bruce the honorable.

Imagine the bridges that you might burn.

Steven J. Connolly

susanthe said...

It's adorable that you've concocted all these fake personas, Steven. It's even more adorable that you admit to coveting a newspaper column of your own. Sadly, your inability to construct a proper sentence may keep you from realizing your dream. Perhaps you could self-publish?

Unlike you, SJC, I've no interest in serving in the legislature. You dream of it every two years, then realize that even if all of your blog readers vote for you, 5 votes isn't enough to propel you into the volunteer legislature.

"Better to be disliked than pitied." Abba Eban

susanthe said...

Dear "Deeds Researcher." I'm not giving anonymous cowards a forum for poorly written screeds and name calling.