Monday, April 25, 2016

Go to the Made in NH Expo this Weekend!

Last week, I reported an incident where right-wing talk radio host Jared Goodell of WFEA said (several times) in a discussion of the change coming for the $20 bill,  that the best way to honor Harriet Tubman would be to put her picture on an EBT card. 

It's all here: 
Racist Rhetoric on WFEA

I suggested that folks contact WFEA, and also their advertisers. One advertiser was the Made in NH Expo. A lot of readers took action, and contacted WFEA. They contacted the Made in NH Expo, too. 

The folks at Made in NH Expo took this incident very seriously, and they made the decision to pull their advertising from WFEA, and remove them as a sponsor of the Expo. 

If you're wondering what to do this weekend? I suggest you go check out at the Made in NH Expo - at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, starting Friday and ending Sunday. 

150 companies will be there showing their products. 

Please be sure to say thank you!

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Junior Mints said...

I am planning on going! I wonder if this tool's buddies at Free Keene will stage a protest under the guise of Facists Cenure Us because I bet they are itching for trumped up drama