Thursday, April 21, 2016

Racist Rhetoric on WFEA Talk Radio

This is Jared Goodell. He has a right wing talk radio show on WFEA in Manchester, NH. The call letters are 1370 AM. 

He's an obnoxious twerp, in the way that most far right talk radio guys are. He's a good megaphone for knee jerk talking points, but appears to have little actual knowledge about the world or US history for that matter. That isn't a detriment to a career in wingnut media. Young Jared is on his way up, and may soon be leaving NH behind. 

Today he really distinguished himself on the topic of Harriet Tubman and the $20 bill. Wingnuts are furious - only white men should be on money! 

Equality makes them furious. Equality makes them feel as if they're losing. They had everything, and they do not want to share with women. Sharing with people of color makes them even more furious. 

At about 1:03 in the April 21 show, he starts talking to Arnie Arnesen about Harriet Tubman on the $20, and making accusations of leftist liberal pandering. 

At about 1:09, he says that if we really want to honor Harriet Tubman, she should go on an EBT card. 
Here's a link to his show:

UPDATE: WFEA has taken down the podcast to the April 21 show. 

The Made in NH Expo is advertising at WFEA. Be sure to call them to tell them you won't be attending the Expo next weekend, because they advertise on a radio station that features racist commentary. (603) 626-6354

Made in NH Expo Facebook Page

A business called Half Off NH also advertises on WFEA. Half Off NH on Facebook
Their phone number is 866-311-9806


WFEA Facebook Page   - hasn't been updated since early March. 

AM 1370 WFEA
500 Commercial Street – Manchester, NH 03101
Business Phone: 603/669-5777
Business Fax: 603/669-4641
Newsroom Fax: 603/668-3299
Bob Cox   President/General Manager
Pat Mckay  Operations Manager & Brand Manager
WFEA is owned by Saga Communications, which also owns WZID and WMLL. 
I'm in favor of making some noise about this. Feel free to join me. This kind of talk should not be welcome on our public airwaves. 


Junior Mints said...

Ugh this racist goof. He must be thirsty for a gig at Breitbart. The last unfortunate time I tuned into his show to was to listen to guest Commander of the FK Freedumb Fighters defend fellow *alleged* teen toucher Kyle Tasker.

Heidi Copeland said...

Hi there, This is a post from the hardworking people at the Made in NH Expo. We have pulled all advertising off WFEA and have canceled their sponsorship. We run this show to elevate about 150 NH-based companies and to help them find an audience and, ultimately, success.

Alan Jones said...

"This kind of talk should not be welcome on our public airwaves. "

Please - do enlighten us as to what kind of talk is acceptable to you on the public airwaves. I'm really interested to know what kind of speech doesn't need to be censored in your opinion.

susanthe said...

Thank you for letting me know, Heidi - and thank you for taking this seriously. I hope you have a great turnout this weekend!

susanthe said...

No one mentioned censorship, Alan.

Junior Mints said...

Wrong Wingers always screech censorship when they are called out on their hateful racist spewing

Alan Jones said...

It is censorship - what else would you call it? You disagree with someone's point of view, so you and Junior Douche proceed to go out of your respective ways to silence this person, or punish the radio station for allowing this person to broadcast his opinion. That is censorship, plain and simple.

it always amazes me how Liberals are all for free speech, so long as they are they only ones talking.

susanthe said...

Yeah, here's the funny thing about free speech, Alan. Jared had every right to spew racist commentary. But "free speech" doesn't mean no consequences. When one exercises one's right to free speech, one has to accept the consequences.

You glibertarians worship the free market. I found the product known as Jared unacceptable, so I mentioned it to the management. Others chose to do the same.

It amazes me that you're such a fierce hypocrite. Whining about liberals and free speech and censorship - yet here you are, trying to silence ME.


Alan Jones said...

Um, no Susan - I'm not trying to silence you. I'm pointing out your inability to let other people speak whom you disagree with.

If I really wanted to censor/silence you I would go out of my way to petition to terminate your account, and failing that would contact advertisers who appear on your blogger page to pull their advertising from because it appears next to your name ...

... but I didn't do that, did I? That's your sad little game, not mine.

Pro tip: someone who disagrees with you isn't necessarily seeking to censor/silence you. I know that's a lot for an uber-liberal like yourself to wrap your head around, but do your best to try and keep up, would you?

Looking forward to reading about your adventures protesting with the rest of the liberal pinheads this summer, holding signs chock-full of bad grammar and poor spelling and shrieking all sorts of idiotic, nasty things about Donald Trump and other Republicans.

susanthe said...

It wouldn't surprise me if a goober using a fake name tried to terminate my account. It's what I expect from you libertea boys. Along with threats of violence and excessive use of the C-word.

Junior Mints said...

junior douche! so original. I get allot of those sexist 'insults' from libertarian men* . It has no effect on me at all other than i was just banned for 24 hours on Facebook for speaking my mind against the onslaught of racist and homophobic 'libertarian trolls on a group page i follow: originally a very groovy mix of old school anarchists, socialists, progressives, labor advocates, LBTGQ, BLM, and Occupy movement advocates united around the concern that Citizens United (as one example) is destroying our individual socioeconomic power. Now its been hijacked by the Ron Paul loving neo-feudalists who love to quote Lew Rockwell and Rothbard. I told one offensive poster to pick up his hood and go home and sober up. His fellow 'libertarians' must have robo-flagged my comment and i am banned. The offenders are still posting their White Storm and Mises Institute greatest hits. I am punished. Sounds right.

*garden variety right wing tea-party angry white men scar
ed their position of supremacy is slipping away. Noam Chomsky is spot on that the american variety of libertarianism is basically an ideology to serve the desires of the ruling elites and corporations. See: Free State Project and CopBlock.

susanthe said...

Rockwell and Rothbard - both racists.