Sunday, April 17, 2016

Punchable Face in NH CD 1 aka Dodds 2.0

Things have gotten ugly in NH Congressional District One. A wealthy guy named Shawn O'Connor moved to NH to purchase a seat in Congress. Try as he might, he couldn't get any name recognition or traction. So he (at the behest of one of his really ill advisors) decided that the way to get his name up in lights was to tell a bunch of Big Public lies. 

He claims that Carol Shea-Porter's campaign is spreading the rumor that he's a domestic abuser. So far the messy "he said - she said" stuff resembles a third grade game of telephone. Ugly, unfounded accusations have been made - by people who really ought to know better. 

You can read about all that here, at the invaluable NH Labor News 

It's difficult to imagine why anyone would think this was a way to win an election. If this guy isn't working for Frank Guinta, then he's the second coming of Gary Dodds. 

Last night on O'Connor's Facebook page, I saw this:

That comment about the punchable face had been up for 10 hours at that time. O'Connor posted on his page several times while that post was up. He must have seen it. 

A few hours later, this was O'Connor's response to being challenged about the punchable face comment. He removed it shortly thereafter, leaving only the punchable face comment. 

At 8 pm tonight:

The comment is still there. Now other people are challenging O'Connor for leaving it up. 

At 8:17 pm

The comment is finally gone. But only after he was repeatedly challenged about it. After I tweeted it out. After NH Labor News wrote about it. It was up for over 24 hours. It would still be there, if people hadn't complained. Shawn O'Connor had a chance to take the high road, and point out that violent rhetoric is never acceptable. He failed to take it. 

The kindest thing I can say about O'Connor is that he has terrible judgement. 


As of 10:08 PM, all of the comments are gone. 

Update Part Two:

O'Connor seems to be having a memory problem here. As one can clearly see in screenshots above, he saw the punchable face post - and responded to it. Then he deleted the criticism, deleted his response, and left the punchable face comment hanging there for at least 10 hours. 

Volunteers tossed under the bus. Pants still ablaze:

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tworavens said...

"Terrible judgement" is indeed being far kinder than he is. It may be possible his brain is punch drunk, swirling as it is with plenty of punch and not much else. Tut tut. Carol Shea Porter is the last person on the planet I can think of to be slurred in a ugly manner such as this.