Friday, September 28, 2012

NH Legislator Report Cards

From our friends at Granite State Progress:

Legislator Report Cards

It’s hard to know whether our legislators are doing what we thought they would when we elected them for two years. Granite State Progress has selected more than 200 roll call votes on a wide variety of legislation to demonstrate the voting record and drive of your individual legislator. In addition we've also included details about the representative's affiliations and relevant press releases, news clips or videos.
To get started find your legislator's name from the drop-down box below, or visit the "Find My Legislator" link to figure out who your representatives are and then return to the report cards to learn more about them.

This is a great resource that GSP has put together. There's plenty of fodder here for opposition research, letters to the editor, and for sharing with friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Read it and seethe! Read it and weep! Above all, read it and ACT!

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