Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Nestle/Poland Spring Protest, Sept. 1, 2012

The battle over water has been going on for almost a decade now in Fryeburg, ME. This pretty much explains what's going on right now. On Saturday, about 20 folks turned out in downtown Fryeburg in the hopes of creating awareness. There were signs, and folks handing out leaflets to the tourists stuck in traffic. This sign really says it all:

Some Swiss filmmakers made a documentary called Bottled Life that examines Nestle's corporate ethics and morals, and takes a look at how Nestle destroyed the community of Fryeburg, by pitting residents against one another. I've been following the issue for some years now. A sampling:

From Water to Kool-Aid

Judas Jobs

Poland Spring Fliers Contain Wrong Polling Hours

Now Nestle is trying to ensure that there will be NO citizen involvement in overseeing the water of Fryeburg.

10 Things You Should Know from the Bottled Life website.

The movie trailer:

Perhaps the most shocking part is that Nestle pays $10 for that tanker truck full of water, and sells it for $50,000. Fryeburg should be Eden. Instead, Fryeburg was looking at having downtown declared a slum and a blight to get federal monies to revitalize. The Conway Daily Sun, January 31, 2012.

This is a rotten business, and one NH should involve itself in, post haste. The local aquifers don't seem to understand borders and boundaries.


Anonymous said...

This is such an outrage. What is wrong with our elected leaders and legislature? Is it due to absolute corruption that nothing is protected and held sacred at all? It's ridiculous to live in 2012,and witness these types of issues ignored and natural resources thrown to the wolves of corporate giants. Thanks for staying on this issue for so many years Susan.

Fisher of men said...

Very interesting read for sure. Thanks for posting it.