Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ovide Takes Another Pledge

Ovide Lamontagne has taken the Cornerstone Family Resources organization's pledge Concord Monitor:
A conservative New Hampshire group unveiled its agenda for the upcoming legislative session that it says puts families first by repealing gay marriage and enacting strict limits on abortion, an official said yesterday.

The agenda calls for allowing employers to deny services to customers and not pay for birth control in their health plans if it violates the employers' religious beliefs. It also calls for creating a conscientious exemption to any mandate in a private health insurance policy for those who buy the policy.

This is the Christian Taliban at work, forcing THEIR religious mindset on the rest of us, and GOP goobernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne is right there with them - signing their pledge. Let this be a red flag to all of those who think Ovide is some sort of moderate.

GOP pledges are always bad for NH.

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Anonymous said...

Republicans lack everything from common sense to plain old fashioned IQ. They just hate the rabble as Mitt Romney has so eloquently said and wouldn't dream of assisting their many children that will surely be born. Exactly what kind of world are they planning? A world where all the worker ants can do their bidding and serve them. Just as the young Chinese women in his factory did. We now see the colors of these individuals and they are not Red White or Blue, they are rather murky and muddy.