Monday, September 10, 2012

Jackie for the North Country

The Conway Daily Sun newspaper endorsed Jackie Cilley for governor. Here are some of the salient points for those of us who live in the top half of the state:

Two factors tip the scale for us. Cilley is a Berlin native with a special interest in the north country, and she shows a rare streak of political independence and willingness to break ranks with her own party — qualities we see less of in Hassan.


Asked at an editorial board at the Sun why she's visited Berlin only once in her campaign, Hasson said the geographical realities of running a statewide campaign keep her in the southern part of the state. That makes political sense, but the north country will be better served by a governor who cares more about its future than the number of votes it represents on election day.

In other words - "I can't be bothered. The votes are in the southern part of the state." Hassan should have consulted with Carol Shea Porter about that.

Jackie always says, "we can't leave any part of the state behind." For far too long, we who live in the north have been ignored and left behind by politicians who aren't very familiar with the areas north of Concord, and weren't all that interested.

Jackie won't forget us. And in her own words:

Cilley, who grew up poor on the third floor of a triple-decker in Berlin, has been quoted, "I'm from Berlin, I don't roll over." That's north country attitude worth voting for.

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Anonymous said...

I agree and hopefully so will everyone else today.