Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gun Nuts for Kelly!

Some of the signs carried by Ayotte supporters. A big pile of "home made" signs, like the "We heart Kelly" and "We Support Kelly" were waiting for the Ayotte supporters when they arrived. The pro-Ayotte turnout was organized by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, a non-profit headed by former NH Santorum fundraiser Mike Biundo. The group claims to be non-partisan, so that it can enjoy tax free status, but as you can see, non-partisan might be a stretch. 

The woman in purple later distinguished herself by screaming at a man in a wheelchair, that his support for gun safety "is a death penalty." He calmly explained that he was genuinely pro-life : from conception to death. OOPS. 

What I learned from these folks today is that the Second Amendment is the only one they're interested in. The First doesn't even enter into their thought processes. They are outraged that others have different opinions AND that they dare to express them in public. 

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Anonymous said...

Respectful communication in Civil Discourse necessary for democracy to thrive isn't part of the Second Amendment. As I recall, a "Well-Regulated Militia.." seems to be a phrase that less than adequate Supreme Court interpretations have been assembled to explain...and If I want to chase fugitive slaves across state lines, or put down slave rebellions using deadly force, your voting or free speech rights be damned, until Black Panthers start protecting their neighborhoods...