Friday, April 26, 2013

The Company He Keeps

Former Speaker of the NH House, William O'Brien, who lost the speakership and very nearly lost his House seat in the last election, is undaunted - and is considering a run for Congress in NH CD-2. Here he is, speaking charismatically (as is his custom) at a press conference he called (since he refused a House committee assignment, he has plenty of time for media attention whoring) about the bill that would increase the state's gas tax for the first time since 1991.

Link to the video
(I had to remove the video itself, because it started automatically, which meant hearing O'Brien's voice every time I looked at the blog.)

The man immediately behind O'Brien without a tie is Rep. Al Baldasaro, one of O'Brien's strongest supporters, and a notable loon. Over on the far right, in the back, with mostly only a fuzzy little head of dark hair showing is Rep. Stellaaaaaaah!!! Tremblay, another O'Brien acolyte.

As the 2014 election possibilities unfold, remember, these are the folks that O'Brien has chosen to surround himself with.

h/t to Tony Schinella/Nashua Patch for the video.

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Anonymous said...

Big federal tax increases?? This guy is a big fat lying liar. He must think we're stupid. I know how much I paid in federal taxes this year, don't you? I saw a DECREASE this year and last.