Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tuck, over at Miscellany Blue found a message on Glenn Beck's FB page posted by NH State Rep. Stella Tremblay, where she calls the Boston marathon bombing a "terrorist attack by the US government. You can read all about it here.

Let me just throw a little extra emphasis in here - Stella Tremblay, an elected state representative here in NH, is calling the Boston bombing a terrorist attack by the US government. The oath of office for a state rep:
I, ___ do solemnly swear, that I will bear faith and true allegiance to the United States of America and the state of New Hampshire, and will support the constitution thereof. So help me God.

Stella isn't exactly bearing faith and true allegiance here. More like perfidy. Perfidy with no factual basis. Glenn Beck is not firmly tethered to the world of the sane, never mind the world of the factual.  

Stella Tremblay was first elected to the NH House in the red tide of 2010. Apparently her brand of nuttery was overshadowed by the antics of other, louder legislators during the last biennium. 

Her  email to Secretary of State Bill Gardner last year concerning a YouTube video wherein President Obama admits he's not an American didn't attract much attention, save for the sharp eyes of Tuck at Miscellany Blue. It turns out that video comes from a parody site. Oops. 

But hey, let's give credit where credit is due. She may not have stood out during her freshman term, but she's certainly stepping up to the plate this year. 

Rep. Tremblay hasn't met a conspiracy theory she isn't willing to embrace. Once again, Miscellany Blue points out another great moment in Stella's version of history, the conspiracy of the missing Thirteenth Amendment.

One of Rep. Tremblay's go-to guys for history is David Barton, the Christian Revisionist historian, whose work has been thoroughly debunked. His book "The Jefferson Lies" was yanked off the shelves by the publisher after numerous complaints of factual errors in the book.

Her other go-to history guy is someone named David Johnson from NH, whose day job seems to be posting crank commentary on news sites and blogs around the state.

Her view that Woodrow Wilson Agreed with Hitler on the superiority of the Aryan race is especially peculiar given that Wilson died in 1924, and probably had no idea who Hitler was.

Rep. Tremblay is an example of why we should reconsider the 400 member volunteer legislature.

Stella Tremblay shares her views on the American Bar Association.

Stella Tremblay on Black History Month and William Lloyd Garrison. Factually incorrect.

As always, a big, admiring h/t to Tuck


Anonymous said...

The best line in this whole article is "reconsidering the size of the 400 person legislature". I argued this point while a member of the body. The argument from detractors is two-fold: First, that with fewer members the "people" will lose touch with their reps - I can assure you, with 400 members they don't know who they are anyway. And, secondly, the detractors say a smaller, paid body will result in "career" politicians - we already have career politicians in the House and Senate - and it's limited to those who can afford to serve with a measly $100 annual stipend their only real compensation. New Hampshire needs to realize that however "charming" they think having the 5th largest legislative body on the planet is, that you get what you pay for ...

Anonymous said...

I could not agree MORE with the previous comment that our legislature is too big. It is difficult to find enough people to run, and the wing nuts jump right in. I live in a city ward. We have three reps. That's two more than we really need.