Monday, April 29, 2013

Worshipping at the Altar of the Free Market...selectively

Granite Grok used to be a GOP blog, but in recent years they've devolved into a peppy little cheerleading squad for Teabaggers and Free Staters. They lost broad appeal after getting caught on air making homophobic slurs, so they've developed a niche for themselves with the angry white  guy wearing a tinfoil tricorne hat crowd.

Grokkers claim to worship at the altar of the free market, as one can see at the video at that link, which was posted by Skip, one of the head dudebros at Grok. In November 2012, Skip said that this video is from one of his favorite economists, Dr. Walter E. Williams from George Mason University. Skip expresses his admiration for capitalism, as opposed to the socialistic turn the nation is taking - hence posting this video.

One of the things Dr. Williams says in the video is: "The free market implies voluntary actions on behalf of human beings."

Now, the Grokkers are always wont to express their ire at gummint or anyone else telling bizness what to do. That's one of those things that freemarketeers get quite indignant about.

Except when they get mad at bizness for doing things that gore their tender little oxen. Skippy and the dudebros got all upset because a company made a business decision THEY didn't approve of. It seems that Williams Sonoma, purveyor of expensive cooking equipment made the decision to pull pressure cookers off their shelves, temporarily, in the days after the Boston Marathon bombings.

No admiration for business making their own independent decisions here! So much for voluntary actions! Instead Skip gets downright ugly, accusing Williams Sonoma of being "cowardly" and "Political Correctness junkies." (sic)

Apparently one need only worship at the altar of the free market when it is convenient.

h/t to Tom Tomorrow for Invisible Hand of the Free Market Man

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Anonymous said...

Individuals who call themselves "conservative" are pathetic and wouldn't it be nice if they became extinct (lead sinkers in their water supply)? I consistently hear the mantra from the right regarding "just buy American, don't buy from China". Well, all those poor delusional idiots don't understand that pure Capitalism IS global exchange. If they want Capitalism, they HAVE to endure the hardships of dealing with "dirty stinking foreigners", buying, selling and wheeling and dealing with everyone on this planet. And that means, having all that stuff over here for sale and use. Like it or not, because of the Conservative's liberal use of warmongering and killing, we have dropped off the map as being the most respected and powerful of dominating nations. Conservatives continue to represent themselves as being stupid, moronic, uneducated, half baked, laughable jerks. Lead Sink Cocktails for them please.