Friday, September 06, 2013

Accidentally Voting in Two Places Can Happen to Anyone!

From the Union Leader:

Five years ago, when his father was running for the U.S. House, the son of current state Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley's voted in the 2008 general election in both New Hampshire and Colorado, according to voting officials and records in each state.

Sebastian Bradley, who is now in his late 20s, voted in person in Larimer County, Colorado, in the November 2008 general election, county election officials said, citing records. Bradley was student at Colorado State University at the time.

Separately, Wolfeboro town clerk Patricia Waterman confirmed the younger Bradley voted there by absentee ballot in the same election.

But hey, let's not get all judgey:

The elder Bradley said in an interview Thursday he did not know for sure whether his son actually voted twice.
But he said, "He was a college student at the time. He was attending Colorado State University and if he voted in two places, it was clearly a mistake, if that's what he did."

Because accidentally voting in two places can happen to anyone! Geez, simmer down people. 


Anonymous said...

Are these the same yahoo's who have been screaming, ranting AND RAVING about voter fraud? Are these the same yahoo's who claim family values, Christian perfection and are superior to the rest of us? Are these the same liars whose ONLY transparency is their hypocrisy and lying lifestyles? Yes it is. Yes they are. On my worst day/weeks, I can recall if I did the SAME THING more than once and I'm a senior. JEB BRADLEY'S SON - VOTER FRAUD - JAIL TIME DEMANDED! After all the Christian way is to set an example isn't it?

Atlant said...

I've always thought it would be interesting to study the registration rolls in Florida and New Hampshire and see how many of our snowbirds routinely vote in both collection.