Saturday, September 07, 2013

Stop Signs: Statist Plot Against Mah Freedumbs

This video comes to us from the boys at GraniteGrok - a blog for the Teabagger/FreeStater Libertea crowd. These boys are anti-gummint, pro-gun, anti-helping folks, but pro-forced birth. They label those of us who enjoy the various aspects of living in a civilized society "statists." A friend recently defined a statist as "anyone who believes stop signs have their place in society."

The libertea position is: "how dare you tell me when to stop?" 

I had to watch it twice, because the first time I was convinced it had to be a parody. It's not. 

Only locals use these roads! We don't want no steenkin' strangers here in our town! Better find out what town the Children of the Grok live in, and steer clear after dark.....


Anonymous said...

Lord what a bizarre diatribe on Road signage. My observations on this commentary are that first of all, the narrator mentioned that "after summer" traffic lightens. This tells us that summer traffic could be quite heavy. Therefore, the signs are imperative, NOT for the people who reside in the area, but for newcomers. Is it possible that motor cycle clubs have those roads on their maps for scenic rides? Therefore, the signs are necessary for them. The "Yield" sign segment was telling. Perhaps these Teabaggers should learn how to institute this into their own interactions with the rest of society. Sometimes, it's wise to yield in cases where something may appeal to others but not one self. No outlet? Perhaps they feel this way generally. However, I wonder how much of a furor they raised over the Iraq war and are they doing anything to stop interference in Syria? This after all the biggest use of our dollars.

Anonymous said...

The music and strange complaints could lead one to think of these individuals as possible Aryans. Hope they don't turn NH into Idaho.