Friday, September 06, 2013

The Church of the Free Ride - Praise the Shire!

From the Keene Sentinel:

A Keene City Council candidate with a history of staging protests says his group won’t pay taxes on its Leverett Street residence, claiming it’s a parsonage.

Ian Freeman, a prominent part of the Free Keene movement, an anti-government group, identifies himself as a minister of the Shire Free Church. He and two others have put the city “on notice” that 73 and 75 Leverett St. are ministers’ parsonages for the church, and he will no longer pay property taxes.

This is a new one. The Free Staters are claiming their cult is a religion to avoid paying taxes. 
In a Sept. 2 letter to city officials, Freeman, Wendy French and Darryl W. Perry, who are all identified as ministers, wrote that the Shire Free Church is an interfaith ministry with peace as one of its central tenets.
“Historically, people calling themselves ‘The City’ or ‘The State’ have engaged in systematic threatening of peaceful people. You have jargon for this like ‘taxes,’ ‘statutes’ and ‘ordinances,’ ” the letter says.
Freeman, French and Perry further wrote that, as ministers, they have dedicate their lives “in service of god and peace,” and “are no longer participating as victims under your coercive schemes.”
These people live in Keene - a city with public roads, libraries, schools, water, and sewer. I'm certain that none of the Free Keeners have chosen to discontinue their use of any of these public amenities. 
What they worship is getting a free ride. They're moochers. 

There are people of principle who refuse to pay their taxes becuse of opposition to war and military spending: National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee 
These are people who will go to jail for their beliefs. 
Whereas the Free Staters beliefs and principles add up to this: 
someone else can pick up my tab. 


Anonymous said...

Individuals who happily allow good honest law abiding citizens such as myself to may for EVERYTHING for them - are SCUM. Clearly "those" people are perfectly capable of working hard AND paying taxes - just like the rest of us citizens. They can only be low life and where I wonder in any bible does it condone getting a free ride? I don't think any bible or any real religion sanctions this kind of completely dishonorable behavior.

xteeth said...

So your parents are SCUM? How about a little gratitude for those that came before and provided you with a place upon which you can build? You are "good" "honest" and "law abiding" because people before you defined those things. Remember Hobbes and the "solitary,poor, nasty brutish and short" that might well have been yours except you were given, with your birthright, existence in the best country that has ever been. So choose, are you an ingrate or grateful?

Nikkiru said...

What do you bet that these same people who want to get a their municipal services without [paying for them would be the first in line to denigrate anybody getting public assistance?