Sunday, September 08, 2013

Jennifer Horn: REALLY?

The FreeLoad State Project loves to talk about their adherence to something called the NonAggression Principle. Essentially that means that they shouldn't have to pay taxes, BUT, they do have the right to shoot you if you're pissing them off. And for people who claim to be non-aggressive, they sure do like the idea of shooting people, especially cops: 

Carl Drega, Folk Hero to Free Staters

Free State Project Excommunicates Participant ~ Miscellany Blue

Free State Project Debate: When Should You Shoot a Cop? ~ Miscellany Blue

With all of this coming to light, I can't help but wonder how NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn is feeling about the comments she made a while back:

Horn said the group’s philosophy is “something that’s right in line with the Republican Party.”   
"For the most part," explained Horn, "the Free State Project has been very much a movement with character that I think has probably been a positive thing in our state.”

Miscellany Blue again, thank you Tuck!

A movement with character, eh Jennifer? The group's philosophy is "right in line with the Republican Party?" 

Really, Jennifer? 

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